The Gas Works
Performance — environment
Pre-recorded voice-over, sewing machine, gas mask, feather duster, 16mm films and altered loops
2012 — 2013

In The Gas Works, film is approached as both object and moving-image, and the transition from solid (filmstrip) to gaseous (projection) state is explored with a particular emphasis on the unique instability of the filmstrip and its relationship with its mechanical support, the projector. A solid montage or the application of unorthodox, collage-like editing procedures on the films’ surface derive from both an investigation of the functioning of optical sound and an understanding of projection as sculpture and choreography. In The Gas Works, cinema is literally derailed and subjected to stitching.

The Gas Works involves the projection of the films The Gas Thus Cuts In Bits and The Illuminating Gas. Both were specially conceived for this performance.

«The Gas Works involves film projections that are interrupted by Collado's voice and presence in front of or around the screen, addressing the audience and using her body as both sculpture and theater. Her voice channels a seriousness that smells of institutional mandates, revived and mocked in the same gesture. The architectural space between the projector and the screen is revealed, the whole act of cinema is in suspension, in tension, disrupted and replaced by the pleasure of complete presence and alertness. Her radical humor and play inscribe the work in Dada and collage practices.» Laida Lertxundi