Photographs: María Meseguer, A Coruña 2021
Kicked with the Front Foot on the Dark Side of the Deck



Developed and presented with Las de Cuenca and with local skaters

16mm film, fabrics, cardboard, led lights, DJ set, prisms and torches, skateboards, spray, red carpet, white t-shirts, and other mixed media

Re-inventing the film medium at the end of the film age means to re-conceptualize it as a "set of conventions derived from [...] the material conditions of [its] technical support, conventions out of which to develop a form of expressiveness that can be both projective and mnemonic". Rosalind Krauss, A Voyage on the North Sea: Art in the Age of the Post-Medium Condition

‘Kicked with the Front Foot on the Dark Side of the Deck’ is a built environment where projection, performative intervention, and sound (both live and performed by the dj) interact. The work has a structure in which different ‘acts’ give way to the construction and deconstruction of ‘mutant' or 'mutable' installations. The performative actions consist in guiding a series of objects, materials, bodily interventions (including, but not limited to, skateboarding) and projections through the space. Taking as a starting point an exploration of the spatial, plastic and performative potentialities of the filmic apparatus -understood as a 'projective and mnemonic' formation-, we try to challenge both the traditional supremacy of the projected image and the tendency of contemporary expanded cinema to generate perceptual immersive experiences. Instead, we try to highlight and exploit notions of presentness, immediacy and corporeality in a work situated between sensory environment, performance and a spatial conception of montage.

This project began to take shape with its initial presentation in Ojorimaconmáquina (Valentina Alvarado and Carlos Vasquez) in La escocesa, Barcelona (December 2020), and continued progressing with students of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cuenca in January/February 2021. It was later presented at S8 Mostra de Cinema Periférico (A Coruña) and Ars Santa Mónica (Barcelona) outside of their buildings.

Las de Cuenca: Tzuhan Hung, Toni Serrano, Paula Guerrero, Javi Montero, Bruno Delgado Ramo, Marta Feiner, dj K-sets, Ana Venceslá, Guillermo Grande, Itsaso Iribarren, Germán de la Riva and students of Faculty of Fine Arts