Operation Rewrite: still testing...

  Operation Rewrite is a collaborative project by Esperanza Collado and Maximilian Le Cain. The project began in January 2011 as an online video work in which both artists posted a number of 45 second moving-image pieces according to a set of rules, most importantly that one-third of the duration of each video should be black screen. This peculiarity – the fundamental presence of blank space as an act of expropriation, displacement and projection - became the main subject of our working process, which quickly boiled over into a series of works in and outside of the moving-image medium. Operation Rewrite was designed to grow from its online embryo, identifying, expanding into and occupying other places.

Our work deals with the workings of the cut, suspension and interruption as fundamental associative principles of cinema and (both its) consecutive (and preceding) matters.

The concept of cinema we examine is subject to constant reassessment, embracing perception and projection technology as much as the articulation of signs; the human body as technological contraptions, domestic items as much as film materiality.

As the project develops, certain objects, images and actions recur, acquiring resonance and significance, as they are re-used. Operation Rewrite occupies a zone between dream, cinema and mundane ritual.

Operation Rewrite performances usually involve the artists, as ‘scientist’ figures, interacting with elaborate film projections (Super8 and 16mm), pre-recorded and live sounds, as well as objects arranged to form mutant installations. Cut-up film noir narratives may coexist with a materialist investigation of both the artist’s body and the body of cinema. The latter is considered from an ‘amplique’ or expanded view after the achievements of Lettrism. The medium of film becomes an object, malleable and fragile, edible, destructible, and capable of measuring space and time. Projected light and its magnetic field of intermittency may bleed through a sewing machine illuminated against a corporeal screen and penetrate a blindfold.

All of these actions and others, framed by a series of subtle and straightforward interruptions, make Operation Rewrite performances disturbing and humorous in equal parts. They typically feature such objects and events as 16mm and Super8 film projections, darkroom compositions, choreographed actions, diegetic sounds, tape recordings, feathers, eggs, tools, an oval mirror, a gas mask, fake blood, a pipe, a brown folder, a filmstrip, buckets of liquid, an empty cloak, an ironing board, shoulder massage, a spooky television, a bloody X, a variety of other Xs, red light, a phone conversation, a cocktail shaker, a sewing machine, light bleed, palm trees, tennis equipment, robot costumes, printed letters... A few of our performances featured Irish theatre writer, director and performer John McCarthy, a lead performer in many of Le Cain’s films.
Exhibitions :

Una Pausa Para Reflexionar
18 01 - 08 06 2014
MUSAC León Spain

Operation Rewrite
15 05 - 16 06 2012
Cork Film Centre Gallery Cork Ireland

Seeing the Light
04 - 16 11 2011
Tactic Art Gallery Cork Ireland

Operation Rewrite
+ Artists talk
29 09 - 26 10 2011
Instituto Cervantes Dublin Ireland

Operation Rewrite
17 09 - 16 10 2011
LEVE León Spain

Performances :

Exterior, Night
24 09 2015
Lajevardi Foundation Tehran Iran

A piece of Broken Mirror Suspended on a String
25 06 2014
Tabakalera CICC San Sebastian Spain

While John Was Dreaming
12 09 2013
MUSAC León Spain

Threaded Cocktails
11 01 2013
Xcèntric CCCB Barcelona

Manila Sand Trap
07 10 2012
The Guesthouse Cork Ireland

Feather Mirror
24 05 2012
Cork Film Centre Gallery Ireland

The Consecutive Impostors
29 09 2011
Instituto Cervantes Dublin Ireland

Other :

Art Production Grant
Museum of Contemporary Art of Castille Leon Spain

Guesthouse Artists Collective, Cork Ireland

Travel grant Culture Ireland

Personal Notes on Operation Rewrite by Rouzbeh Rashidi

45:37 (online work)