above: installation views / below: film stills

Trágame nube (el cuerpo establece el ritmo)


Film installation

2 looped films (16mm, 12:40 mins each, colour and B/W, silent), 4 framed collages (240 x 310 mm, colour and B/W prints and paper)

Shot/featuring: Paula Guerrero, Bruno Delgado Ramo
A commissioned work for the exhibition Cinema of Sensations: the Neverending Screen of Val del Omar (March — October 2023), curated by Almudena Escobar. Museum of the Moving Image, New York

Trágame nube consists of a double projection on 16mm film; two sides of a single film unit that explores an “other cinema” or the potentiality of the other film that hides in the intervals between frames. The project is a commission for the exhibition ‘Cinema of Sensations: The Neverending Screen of Val del Omar’ at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York, focused on the work of the 20th century Spanish filmmaker and inventor José Val del Omar.